Majella Winery Exhibition, Penola, SA.


Majella Wines kindly hosted an exhibition of my most recent works at the Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival in May. The opening was wonderfully successful, with more than half of the paintings sold that weekend, plus many prints of my earlier work. I am hugely grateful to Prof and the team at Majella for making the event so memorable. 

Some paintings are still available and are on display at the Majella winery. They are framed and ready to hang. Please contact me if you are interested in buying, or you can buy directly from Majella:


My love  2018. 36x36 inch. Oil on canvas.  $2,750


Hello, how are you  2018. 24x24 inch. Acrylic on canvas.  $1,595



For you  2018. 24x18 inch. Acrylic on canvas.  $1,295


With us  2018. 24x18 inch. Acrylic on canvas.  $1,295


What if   2018. 36x30 inch. Acrylic on canvas.  $2,500

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